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ComputeRx Laptop & Desktop Repair and Sales

Laptop / Desktop Repairs & Upgrades


ComputeRx has you covered with everything from laptop LCD (display/monitor) repairs, to desktop ram upgrades. Below are the services we offer:

  • Laptop Display Repair
  • Laptop Power Port Repair
  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Replacement
  • Laptop & Desktop Power Supplies
  • Laptop & Desktop Hard drive , Solid State Drive upgrades
  • Laptop & Desktop Ram upgrades

Click the Orange Arrow to find out more specifics, and when you might just need to repair or replace these items!



Laptop LCD (display) Repair


Accidents and failures happen, and fixing your favorite laptop's display does not have to cost a fortune. It is a common misconception that getting your laptop's lcd repaired or replaced would cost more than the laptop is worth. Below are the common failures and fixes that deal with the laptop LCD:

  • Cracked LCD - non uniform dark, black parts of display, horizontal and/ or vertical lines or patterns, jagged lines with large splotchy areas of black or white. See more examples HERE

  • Bad contacts between driver circuitry and LCD panel    - uniform portions of the screen filled with vertical or  horizontal lines of varying color, single or multiple lines running vertically or horizontally through the whole screen.  Gently "twisting" the lcd may make the line(s) disappear , but in most instances will return




Laptop LCD (display) Repair


  • Bad/ Broken backlight - Display very very dim, text/picture can be still seen with flashlight (third pic). A red tint that is seen when the laptop turns on (and sometimes stays red) is a sign of a backlight soon to go out
  • Bad LCD Inverter - Display also very very dim , text/picture can still be seen with flashlight.
  • Bad LCD cable - Display is all white with no colors/parts of image seen at all

    Typical Repair Costs:

    LCD Replacement: LCD $100-$160  Labor $45-60

    Inverter Replacement: Inverter $13-$29 Labor $30-$45

    LCD Cable Replacement: Cable $18-$49 Labor $30-$45



    Laptop DC(power) Jack Repair


    Over time, where you plug in the laptop, the dc power jack can  become worn or loose. Tripping over the power cord while it is plugged in will usually cause the jack to become loose or even completely broken off of the motherboard of the laptop. Typical symptoms include:

    • Battery no longer charging
    • Random, complete shut offs
    • Sparking from dc jack area
    • Power adapter plug easily falling out

    Typical Repair Costs:

    DC Jack Replacement: Parts: $15  Labor $60-$75



    Laptop Keyboard Replacement


    Ahh, the dreaded spill of a beverage on a  keyboard!!

    • "Key" #1, is not to panic!          
    • Unplug anything and everything from the laptop
    • Power down forcefully (if the laptop has not shut down by itself, which it may do) by holding down the power button for ~5secs.
    • If system tries to go into hibernation, do not let it do so by continually holding down the power button
    • Soak up any standing liquid, but very gently, putting as little pressure on the keyboard as possible
    • Pull the battery, Tilt laptop to the cd-rom/dvd corner, and hold to drain any liquid that may be underneath the keyboard
    Most likely the laptop is OK, but just the keyboard will be damaged. I would then suggest to take or send it to get it serviced by reputable technician such as ComputeRx ! :) Keyboards with liquid damage will exhibit these symptoms:



    Laptop Keyboard Replacement


  • Laptop not turning on at all (keyboard internally is shorting out)
  • Laptop turns on but does not boot  
  • Laptop turns on & boots, but keys do not work at all
  • Laptop turns on & boots, keys will type wrong letters or a combination of letters
  • Keyboard keys that are broken off/missing can be replaced
  • Typical Replacement Costs:

    Keyboard only $25-$55 Labor $20,  Top case, palm rest & keyboard   $80 - $170,  Labor $60

    Laptop Key Replace: Key $6  Labor $5

    ComputeRx Laptop & Desktop Repair and Sales

    Laptop Adapter,Batteries & Desktop Power Supply Replacement

    ComputeRx carries a wide assortment of laptop ac adapters & batteries. Buying from us will not only take the guess work of which adapter or battery to get, but also save you a decent amount of money. Buying a battery directly from the manufacturer will usually cost $150 or more. Buying an adapter from your local big box store will cost at least $80 because they are of the universal type, a one type fits all adapter. We also carry high quality power supplies for desktops.

    Typical Replacement Costs:

    Laptop Ac Adapter Replacement: $25 - $45

    Laptop Battery Replacement: $35 - $70

    Desktop Power Supply Replacement: $45-$85 Labor $25


    Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Replace/Repair


    The motherboard (aka logic board, mainboard), of  a computer is what connects the cpu, ram, hard drive, video, sound and all other peripherals together to form a fully functional system. If a portion or a component of it is faulty, the entire system can be in an unusable state. Symptoms include: (with known good ram, power supply, and excluding software issues )

    • System does not boot, blinking power light, system beeping
    • Freezing, restart loops, all white screen on Macs
    • Random shutdowns, graphics glitches
    • Blue screen of death errors (B.S.O.D)



    Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Replace/Repair

    There can be manufacturer defects that will cause the motherboard to fail over time. For desktops, a common problem occurs from swollen/leaky capacitors.  For more detailed info on this issue check HERE and HERE.

    For laptops, a prevalent problem comes from thermal expansion and contraction where the components (typically a graphics chip) lose their surface mounted contacts to the motherboard. Another frequent problem with laptops is overheating. This can be alleviated sometimes by cleaning out the cooling exhaust and applying a thermal diamond substrate to the cpu and graphics chip.

    Typical Repair Costs:

    Desktop motherboard Capacitor fix: $60-$75

    Desktop motherboard replace: Parts $45-$150 Labor:$60

    Laptop motherboard replace: Parts $75-$450 Labor $75-$90

    Laptop & Desktop Hard Drive Upgrade/Repair


    The hard drive of a computer serves as the storage area. The operating system files, installed software, and any user created or downloaded files, are stored on the hard drive. It is usually a misconception that putting files on the hard drive or having too many files on the hard drive will slow the computer down (unless of course the files are viruses or bad software programs, see my software section HERE). While this is true if the hard drive becomes ENTIRELY full, simply putting files onto a hard drive will not slow down the computer or make it run incorrectly.
    Fragmentation (slow access times of files where parts of the files can be on different areas of the hard drive) while not totally irrelevant today, is not as much of an issue as it once was. With more efficient formatting techniques (ie FAT32 vs NTFS), automatic defragmentation (Vista&7,8,10) in the background, & primarily the much larger and faster hard drives we now have, fragmentation is not as much a concern as it once was. What is much more of a concern, is when a hard drive actually starts to fail. Typical symptoms include:

    • No OS found, no bootable partition, missing system32 file errors
    • Kernel panics, Apple logo with blinking question mark
    • System lock ups, data unreadable & device I/O error messages
    • Blue screen of death errors (B.S.O.D), clicking/scraping noises



    Laptop & Desktop Hard Drive Upgrade/Repair


    The most common issue with hard drives is that over time, the magnetized platters that store the data start accruing bad sections or sectors .This type of failure usually gets worse over time, but if you get the data off in time, most of it will still be salvageable. There are also a number of mechanical failures that can occur dealing with the read and write heads and the spindle motors of the drives. Complete non power-on situations can sometimes be dealt with by transferring the pcb control board of the drive from another drive, however it must be from the exact same model & firmware of  drive.

    Currently there are 3 main types of mechanical hard drives: IDE(PATA), SATA, and SCSI drives. SATA II mechanical drives are right now the standard for desktops & laptops.

    Solid State Drives (SSDs) which can also use the SATA interface are an excellent upgrade option even for computers that seem to be nearing their end of life. Also for newer computers, SSDs with mSata,PCIe & the M.2 interface can be utilized to greatly improve the performance of a new pc that came with a mechanical drive. SSDs offer three large advantages over the mechanical drives mentioned: no moving parts, less power consumption, and faster access speeds.

    If you suspect hard drive issues, or want to upgrade to an SSD drive while keeping everything you have intact (including the operating system and programs), don't hesitate to contact ComputeRx. It is of course always a good idea to have a backup solution in case of HD failure; ComputeRx can help in that department as well.


    Laptop & Desktop Ram Upgrade/Replace


    Ram (random access memory) of a computer serves as the temporary working and storage area for the processor, a.k.a. CPU, of a system. The operating system and any application communicates with the CPU to carry out its desired task. An application will place its relevant data in ram so that the CPU has fast access to it. Once a system's ram is totally allocated to the operating system and other applications, subsequent ram requests from the CPU for processes that need ram, in effect, have to wait their turn for ram to become available, or will use the function of virtual memory , thus slowing the system down  (more on that on the next page). Upgrading your system's ram is an easy way to increase a system's performance.

    Defective ram will usually render a system unusable. If one ram module out of four is bad, you would want to replace it as the general rule of thumb is that you want to have like pairs of ram modules. Typical symptoms of defective ram include:

    • System not booting (with possible beep codes)
    • No Display, graphics glitches, Kernel panics 
    • System freezing, restart loops, system32 error messages
    • Blue screen of death errors (B.S.O.D)



    Laptop & Desktop Ram Upgrade/Replace

        There are many types of ram, some of which are no longer used or just never caught on as the standard because of the cost of manufacturing (ie rdram). Regular sdram modules are categorized as pc100 or pc133. DDR or double data rate ram, is more current and faster than sdram. The four types are DDR, DDR2,DDR3 & DDR4.The four types are notched differently to tell them apart, but they also vary in speed and density. Generally when looking to replace or upgrade ram, you will want to go for ram that is low in density (more IC chips), and you want to upgrade with matched pairs. You can generally go for the highest in frequency that that particular ddr ram supports as they are backwards compatible for slower speeds.

    As mentioned, when a system has its ram resources completely used, the overall responsiveness of the computer will be slow. A temporary portion of the hard drive, a.k.a. the page file,  is set aside for such a case. However the access times to and from the hard drive are a lot slower than that of ram, so even though it keeps things operative, it is still not the ideal solution. If you have ever seen a pop up by the system time on Windows machines that "Your system is low on virtual memory" that is the paging file at work. That could be a sign to look into upgrading your memory  as constant reading from the page file is known as disk thrashing and in turn the system will  become unresponsive or slow.  

    ComputeRx can help you when you need to replace or upgrade your ram. Software maintenance and virus protection & removal is equally as crucial for a fast/responsive system.Visit my software section
    HERE to see how.